FOTOfusion® Feature Presentation by Robert Farber

In support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

A 50-Year Unanticipated and Unique Career… From Nudes to Beauty, From Fashion to Conceptual, and Re-imagined

Tuesday, February 16

4:30 - 5:45 pm EST

Location: Virtual

About the Lecture

It all began serendipitously, 50 years ago, with the publication of his first book of fine art nudes. At the same time, he was given his first commercial assignments, shooting fashion and beauty. Working in both worlds, fine art and commercial, mostly with female subjects, he found himself being awarded top assignments where he was given creative freedom to use his painterly and romantic style. As a result, his fine art and commercial work became indistinguishable. 

These works are now in galleries, and are part of a 50-year retrospective, "Women As Art: 50 Years of An Evolving Vision," now touring globally online in a unique virtual exhibition.

Robert will take you through highlights of this unique career with a special preview of the exhibition Women As Art.

Women as Art Music Video

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Breast Cancer Research Foundation

BCRF is the largest and most respected international organization for breast cancer research, founded by Evelyn Lauder. For the past 25 years, Robert Farber's exhibitions have supported breast cancer awareness and funding. With Women as Art, this collaboration continues in new and better ways that can only be achieved online.


As part of this new retrospective, Farber is offering an exclusive printing of 37 photographs from Women as Art as well as a drawing for a larger gallery print. More information can be found on the Robert Farber fundraising page on the BCRF website, linked below. 

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